Connected - Vibrant - Safe

Vote Lucas Harris for Ward 1, Robbinsdale City Council

Thank you for your consideration in the 2022 Primary for Ward 1. I'm glad to have had the opportunity to meet so many of the wonderful people in Robbinsdale and appreciate all the messages of support, as well as those who reached out with questions or to share your concerns.

Moving forward, please consider supporting Raymond Blackledge for Ward 1 City Council!

As a resident of Robbinsdale for over 9 years, I want to focus on what makes Robbinsdale such a great place to live and work to improve connectivity, diversity, and accessibility for all who live here.

I’m running for City Council to be your representative with the City and the surrounding communities. I believe that Public Service is a responsibility and a privilege, not a career.

Ward 1

Much of Ward 1 is separated from the majority of Robbinsdale by Highway 100 and County Road 81. Some of these crossings need better pedestrian and bicycle safety measures. With the proposed Blue Line route, we have an opportunity to review these crossings and improve our connectivity across town and ensure mobility is safe and accessible.


Secure dependable, affordable sanitation services

We’re all frustrated by the issues with Waste Management. Neighboring communities have come up with creative ways to address these performance issues – we can do the same.

Secure modernized public transit

The Blue Line extension should be prioritized without compromising the character of Robbinsdale or resident safety. We can achieve this.

Provide better, faster internet

I will work with US Internet and other fiber providers on a service expansion to Robbinsdale. We need better options than Comcast.

Support our downtown business district

Our historic, downtown business district is the pride of Birdtown. We need to support local businesses and encourage growth and investment in locally owned and operated services and amenities.

Encourage investment in public works

We need clean, safe parks. We have access to some of the best trails and parks systems in the country. They should be maintained and kept free of graffiti and litter for the benefit of all who live here.

Support reproductive rights and bodily autonomy

Every individual should be empowered to control their own body and healthcare decisions.

Do good

It’s been a rough few years. We should focus on getting to know our neighbors and getting reconnected. We should treat each other the way we’d each like to be treated ourselves.

Invest in clean energy

Wherever possible, new investment opportunities should take better advantage of clean, renewable energy sources. City Council should investigate options to incentivize residential improvements via tax credits or similar methods, as well as public infrastructure improvements.

#Free the Growler

We’re lucky enough to have not one, but two breweries in our town. We need to do away with the antiquated restrictions on what and how much they can sell directly to customers to allow these locations and our other businesses to flourish and be more flexible in their operations.

What kind of experience do you bring to the table?

I have a degree in Architecture from Iowa State University and 12 years of experience working for general contractors and developers working on a wide variety of project types, including stadiums, Multifamily/Senior Living/Affordable Housing developments, and large mixed-use projects. I know how to work in fast-paced, team-centric environments where tensions are often high. I have years of experience working with design and engineering teams, subcontractors, and have worked in the field myself as a laborer. I know the value of hard work, and I’ll work hard to make sure we all have a voice.

Why should you be on the City Council?

I’ve been a resident of Robbinsdale for 9 years; first with 7 years in Ward 3 and an additional 2 years and counting in Ward 1. My wife Ashley and I, along with our two dogs Bo and Remy, love the area, the community, and all that Robbinsdale has to offer. We’re active outdoors, and you can find us walking our dogs around the Twin Lakes nearly every day of the week. We prioritize supporting our local business district as much as possible and even hosted our wedding reception back at the original location of Pig Ate My Pizza.

Robbinsdale is trending younger and more diverse each year. The average age in Robbinsdale is 37, and over a third of our residents rent rather than own. We need representation that reflects the changing demographics of our community.

What can we expect from you as our representative?

I pledge to be honest, open, and transparent as your Ward 1 representative. I will listen to your concerns and keep them foremost in any decisions that the Council considers. Ultimately, I want Robbinsdale to be a great place to live for everyone. I also believe that the City needs to have better and more effective methods of communication, not just Facebook.

What else would you like to know?

Please reach out with any issues that are important to you, or if you’d like to hear more about me! It would be my pleasure to speak with you about Robbinsdale and listen to your priorities for the City. I'd love to get your support in November, but either way, I look forward to meeting many more of the residents of Robbinsdale. Feel free to send me an email with your questions or concerns.

Please remember to vote on November 8, or vote early via absentee ballot. You can request a mail-in ballot through the Minnesota Secretary of State website linked below. You can also look up a sample ballot and verify your registration status through, also linked below.